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Welcome to PedAM&eRAM
5712 pediatric diseases &
16922 rare diseases inside
Contribute your efforts, further our knowledge.
To facilitate the pediatric disease diagnosis and treatment, we build the PedAM(Pediatrics Annotation & Medicine system) that realizes standardized name and classification of pediatric diseases based on ICD-10, which makes our system HL7 compliance, the knowledge-based system provides professional and comprehensive disease clinical information. At present, our eRAM(encyclopedia of Rare Disease Annotation & ) platform has collected nearly 17000 kinds of rare diseases. As the most comprehensive information system of rare diseases in the world, the platform provides generate information of relevant rare diseases to patients and their families; In addition, it can assist physicians and clinical experts for more accurate clinical diagnosis of rare diseases; moreover it also provides researchers with overall and the latest research advances for related rare diseases, convenient communication platform between patients and doctors.
When there is love, there is hope.

Joining PedAM&eRAM
  • PedAM&eRAM allows any user to view and search but only registered users can add and edit content.
  • To become a registered user, please email the PedAM&eRAM Team at to tell us your preferred login name, real name, research interests, etc., and we will set up an account for you.
  • Please also spread this news to any one who might be of interest.
About Us
Our group works in the field of encyclopedia of Rare Disease Annotation & (eRAM) and Pediatrics Annotation & Medicine (PedAM), currently with a particular focus on Rare diseases and children's diseases classification and annotation.
Cooperative Hospital
To Visits
  • Clinical data of pedigree (patients, their parents, brothers/sisters, grandparents) are important information for us to carry out an accurate diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. Our professional team will provide effective counseling to those patients with comprehensive data submission.
  • We will also select some cases with the comprehensive clinical data submission of patient’s pedigree and provide free service for related disease diagnosis, which eventually will improve treatments and better medical services to patients.
  • We will keep strictly confidential for those submitted data.
  • Thank you for your support and cooperation.
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