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  • What is PAM&RAM?
To facilitate the pediatric disease diagnosis and treatment, we build the PedAM(Pediatrics Annotation & Medicine system) that realizes standardized name and classification of pediatric diseases based on ICD-10, which makes our system HL7 compliance, the knowledge-based system provides professional and comprehensive disease clinical information. At present, our eRAM(encyclopedia of Rare Disease Annotation & ) platform has collected nearly 17000 kinds of rare diseases. As the most comprehensive information system of rare diseases in the world, the platform provides generate information of relevant rare diseases to patients and their families; In addition, it can assist physicians and clinical experts for more accurate clinical diagnosis of rare diseases; moreover it also provides researchers with overall and the latest research advances for related rare diseases, convenient communication platform between patients and doctors.
  • How do I contribute to PAM&RAM?
    • If you are a researcher, please share your knowledge and provide your knowledge in your area.
    • If you are a doctor, please share your medical record and disease information.
    • If you are a patients, you can share your medical record and query therapeutic regimen.
    • If you are a journal publisher, please consider community curation as a compulsory post-publication when any rare-disease paper is accepted by the journal.
    • At the very least, please spread this news to any one who might be of interest.
You can perform different types of contributions to make PAM&RAM the online encyclopedia for rare-disease and children disease.

PAM&RAM Accounts

  • Is it allowed for any user to provide medical record in RAM?
RAM allows any user to view and search but only registered users can add and edit medical reocrd.
  • Why do I open my identity and become a registered user?
Open identity provided by registration not only improves content reliability, increases users’ collaborations and communications, but is also supportive to reward community-curated efforts by giving explicit authorship. It is of crucial significance for PAM&RAM that would like to give credits to all contributors in reward for community-provided contents.
  • How do I acquire a PAM&RAM account?
Please email the PAM&RAM Team at raredisease2015@163.com to tell us your preferred login name, real name, research interests, etc., and we will set up an account for you.
  • How do I update my account information or change password?
To update your account information, please log on first and then you may find a link named "My preferences" at the top right.
  • Why I can't log into PAM&RAM?
    • Make sure that the Caps Lock key is not depressed. Passwords are case sensitive.
    • Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies.
    • Contact us at raredisease2015@163.com .