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Akina Animal Health

Pharmacy compounding for Veterinarians is a speciality which requires unique client attention. Unlike traditional healthcare, veterinarian medicine must stick to, and preserve, a special equilibrium for its non traditional animal clients. Akina Animal health comprehends this exceptional demand, also provides its clients with the ideal amount of resources for all their technical veterinarian medicine needs. Akina's responsibilities to animal health and well being go far beyond guarantees. They are fully accredited by a variety of agencies such as Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) and the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHC)

2 Chief Areas of Focus

Akina Animal Health understands the requirement of veterinarian medicine, and thus so focuses its efforts into 2 chief areas. Resources for the vet, and funds for your Pet parents. First of all for the veterinarian, Akina Animal Health provides specialist pharmaceutical compounding that knows the real world problems and alternatives in regards to particular medicine needs and blending. This careful attention to detail helps the vet ensure smooth and precise administration of medicine for an assortment of animal clients. Akina animal health wants to become more than a supplier, but a partner to veterinarians and the care they provide to their clientele. Second in relation to Pet Parents, Akina animal health offers custom compounded meds for particular at home therapy of pets and animals. These custom combinations are specifically blended to fulfill every pets or animals special health need. No two clients needs are the same, and Akina animal health understands this fact and the best way to tailor meet demands. Pets hold a distinctive places in their owner's heart. The at home bond between pet owner and pet is special relationship that Akina animal health would like to make sure lasts for as long as you can. More Info: [].