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1 of the lesser know but most relaxing vacation destinations in the southeastern United States is Blue Ridge, Georgia. Blue Ridge is located in the most northern component of Georgia nestled in amongst some of the most scenic mountain locations in the southeastern United States.

Blue Ridge is a truly small town with a picturesque small downtown area and some of the nicest antique shops in all of Georgia. Blue Ridge is referred to by some as the antique capital of Georgia. It is located about 90 miles north of Atlanta and is about 30 miles from the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. This quaint little town is identified as the Gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The serenity you encounter in Blue Ridge will make it difficult to think you are only an hour and a half outside of Atlanta. It is nothing at all like the busy metropolis of Atlanta nor the a lot more touristy mountain vacation places of the southeast.

Even though the a lot more touristy type areas like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are extremely good locations to check out if you are searching for a mountain vacation, Blue Ridge is a spot to get away from all of those arcade kind attractions and just take pleasure in nature and the lovely surroundings the mountains have to provide.

Not to worry if you want something to do although, the downtown Blue Ridge region has a lot of specialty shops, some of the very best antiquing in all of Georgia as Imentioned earlier, a theater, art galleries, several tasty restaurants and much far more. For additional information, please check-out: elk river golf course. One of the greatest attractions about is to take the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway about a 26 mile loop all through Fannin County. Navigating To best country clubs in north carolina probably provides warnings you might use with your boss. It stops appropriate in the middle of the downtown location so you can not miss it.

A vacation in Blue Ridge Georgia is all about relaxing and if you want, you can just sit downtown all day, watch the train go by and sip a cup of coffee. Proper across from the train station is a wonderful tiny cafe that serves the finest coffee and coffee drinks in town. In the event you require to learn more about banner elk stables online, there are many online resources people might pursue. You will enjoy the atmosphere, as this distinctive little cafe is a refurbished bank, complete with a vault and a big steel door. Of course the vault by no means closes. You can grab a cup of coffee to go or invest the morning or afternoon in one particular of their plush couches or chairs.

Earlier Ireferred to Blue Ridge as a really little town since its population is about 1,100 men and women. Nevertheless, Blue Ridge and Fannin County boast some of the nicest cabin rentals with the best mountain or wooded views to enjoy a weekend getaway or a week long vacation. You will by no means have trouble discovering a spot to remain about Blue Ridge since there are really more cabin rentals in Fannin county then there are people living in Blue Ridge.

If you are searching to get away from everything and have a good quiet vacation in a lovely log cabin, then Blue Ridge Georgia is absolutely the place to go..

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